Forgetting to add your recipients email addresses to the ‘BCC’ field instead of ‘To’ field of an email is a common email marketing mistake that really annoys recipients. In fact, I have heard people complain about marketing emails they have received with this error on numerous occasions. People want their personal information to be kept private and this includes their email address.

Disclosing recipients email addresses to other people could also result in your company falling foul of data protection laws, so keeping this information private and secure is a serious risk.

Merge Field Errors

There’s nothing less personal than a ‘Dear [first name]’ email and an email like this will not make the recipient feel like a valued customer. Although people appreciate that merge fields make sending emails to large numbers of people possible, it is important that where they are used, they are used with caution.

Overlooking the subject line

The subject line is often forgotten when proofreading, but it is not exempt from error! Always remember to proof read your email in its entirety, including the subject line. After all, the subject line is how your recipient will make a judgement over whether to open the email or not.

Sending too many emails